1st day (lunch / dinner):

We are going to transfer you from the airport to Iquitos (or hotel to the office) for shopping and last minute coordination.
Transfer to the port after that we are going to transfer in a fast boat for 3 hours, 140 kms. Up river from Iquitos, sailing on the Amazon River. When we arrive to the Lodge we are going to do the distribution of bungalow and guidance, also we will get a list of animals that have been previously seen in the area.Buffet lunch.

In the Afternoon, we are going to have a boat trip to Lake Sapote watching different birds, like parrots, jacanas, kingfishers, herons, panguana, partridges, pigeons, cormorants, horned screamers, and then move to the other end of the Lake Moena where you can see sloth and monkeys, as the night monkey, squirrel, monk, stump, etc.

After watching a sunset over the forest of mirrors, we are going back to Muyuna and we are going to have our buffet dinner. In the evening, boat ride to see caimans, nocturnal birds and animals and have an awesome experience before sleep.


2nd day (breakfast / lunch / dinner):

We are going to take Breakfast buffet very early to go our boat trip to Lake Casha, lake which is not easily accessible. Here we are going to row or walk depending on the level of the river, looking at different species of birds and monkeys.

After our Lunch we are going to take a boat trip to the lakes Purura and Corrientes and catch different kind of fish, including the famous piranha. This is an area that has many strangler vines, being the favorite of the bird “hoatzin” or shansho. This colorful bird looks like a prehistoric bird because it has three claws on the middle joint of the wing.

We are going to have buffet dinner at night, then we will take a night walk in search of huge frogs, anaconda’s favorite food. Also observed several species of tarantulas, it is worth clarifying that despite of the bad reputation, they are not dangerous to humans.


3rd Day (Breakfast / lunch / dinner) Full Day:

In our third day we are going to have Breakfast buffet very early and start the tour walking behind The Lodge, where we will appreciate the immense variety of flora and fauna that exist in the vicinity. In this area, we have seen, occasionally, tigers. Almost always see their tracks. This walk may last up to five hours (round trip), depending on your physical condition, and you get to the creek black waters (between the rivers Tahuayo-Yanayacu). Here lunch is going to be served outdoors and you can enjoy the pure and virgin Amazon jungle site where we guarantee you are going to see countless species of animals.

We are going to share the late afternoon with the friendly people of the jungle, in the village San Juan de Yanayacu. The visit is very spontaneous; travelers sometimes play soccer with them or just walk around the village. You can buy handicrafts that they make themselves based on seeds and vegetable ivory.

At night, we are going to have the last buffet dinner, and then we are going to make a night canoe trip, to feel the sounds of the jungle more closely, to stare the beautiful sky dotted with numerous stars and take a relax time.

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4th day (breakfast / lunch):

In our last day we are going to have breakfast on the boat, and using small boats we are going to sail to the Amazon River, where we are going to experience the most magical moment of our trip, which is to watch and swim with pink dolphins playing around our boat. On the way back to the lodge, we are going to see the biggest aquatic plant in the world, the famous Victoria Regia. It is also easy to see iguanas and other kind of animals.

We are going to have our last buffet lunch, after that we are going to be able to count all the animals seen in our Animal Check List.Our experience of the jungle comes to end and we are going to sail three hours back to Iquitos and take accommodation in the hotel or we will be transferred to the airport.