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We are going to visit The ancient terraces of Paucarpata, Paucarpata square and village, then we are going to visit the watermill of Sabandía, The Founder’s Mansion, driving through the Via Paisajista, bordering the watering place of Tingo, to visit the square and the viewpoint of Sachaca from which point we can have a panoramic view from the three Volcanoes surrounding the city , then we are going to visit the petting zoo to see the four South American Camelids where we are going to find llamas, alpacas, vicunas and guanacos (next to the Outlet store is Incalpaca). Finally we are going to visit the church and the viewpoint of Yanahuara.

is a traditional village located to 2,436 meters above sea level, offers a beautiful countryside of Arequipa, His church was made of a white volcanic stone and a we can find a viewpoint where you can see the imposing Misti volcano.

The Sabandía Mill comes from the Quechua word SAPANTINYAY that means (which lives alone) Sabandía Mill was built in the eighteenth century, this place used to ground wheat with huge circular stones that are driven by the water flowing in that place.

Founder´s mansion
this mansion is considered as an architectural relic in the city of Arequipa, this mansion belonged to the founder of Arequipa, Garci Manuel de Carbajal.

Viewpoint of Sachaca This place offers an excellent view of the city of Arequipa, its countryside and its three volcanoes and others closer places.

Viewpoint of Yanahuara
It is a beautiful park of giant palm trees and white lava stones arches with an excellent view from where you can see the imposing Misti volcano and the city center.

Church of Yanahuara Located close to the viewpoint of Yanahuara, this church was built in ashlar like all churches of Arequipa. Its construction began in 1710 and was inaugurated on January 29, 1750.

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