Chiclayo- Trujillo Cajamarca 5 Days / 4 Nights

Skills: cities, programs


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Day 1: Lima-Trujillo: Chan Chan and Huanchaco; Huaca of the Sun and Huaca of the Moon

Reception and transfer to hotel.

We will go to the Moche countryside to visit the Moche Temples Museum, which contains pieces of pottery showing the Moche iconography. Then visit the Temple of the Moon, Moche religious center, filled with murals in high relief with the representation of their god AIAPAEC or the Decapitator, warriors, dancers, animals, giant spiders, abstract motifs, etc. From here we will appreciate the Huaca del Sol, pyramid of 43 meters high, built for administrative purposes.

Also the Moche Urban Zone, which was the area where the high society of the Moche lived. After lunch, we will go to Arco Iris Huaca (Huaca Dragon), used as a shrine to the ancient Chimu, decorated with figures representing the fertility of the land. We visited the site museum of Chan Chan where we can see the lifestyle chimu people, ceramics and metalwork. We continue for the 9 palaces of Chan Chan Citadel, the Nikan Palace (ex Tschudi Palace), which has different environments with friezes of various marine motifs, such as ceremonial square, Corridor fishes and birds, among others. Finally we will go to Huanchaco where we can buy handcrafts, spot the famous “horses of reeds” and stroll along the pier.


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Day 2: Chiclayo, The Lord of Sipan

We will start the tour to the archaeological complex Huaca Rajada, where it was found the tomb of the Lord of Sipan, we will visit the museum. Then we will go to the archaeological complex of Tucume Pyramids, a valley which has 26 adobe pyramids houses attesting the exceptional era of the Lambayeque culture. Also we will visit the site museum where pottery is exhibited. After lunch, we will continue our tour and we will visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum in Lambayeque, where the original remains of the Lord of Sipan are on display, as well as more than 400 pieces including: earrings, necklaces, jewelry, ornaments and headdresses made of gold, silver, turquoise, spondyllus, cotton and feathers. We will return to the city of Chiclayo.

Night bus to the city of Cajamarca


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Day 3: Cajamarca: City tour

We will start the tour in the city, to visit the Plaza Mayor (main square), the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria (Cathedral), San Francisco Church (catacombs), Ransom Room, Belen Church, colonial Hospital of men and women (Archaeological Museum, Ethnographic and Medical), Cerro Santa Polonia, the Chair of the Inca, natural viewpoint to see the valley of Cajamarca

Accommodation in Cajamarca


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Day 4: Cajamarca: Otuzco and Cumbemayo

We will visit the natural viewpoint Bellavista, Layzón, Forest Park, reaching Cumbemayo, where we will find the famous forest of rocks or Fraylones, The Sanctuary, caves or shelters, The Stone of Sacrifice, ceremonial altars, petroglyphs (stone writing) Hydraulic Canal 3,000 years old and the aqueduct. After lunch, we will enjoy the beauty of the Cajamarca valley and Chonta river, where the suspension bridge will cross, here we can ride a horse, then we will visit Otuzco (cemetery of the Cajamarca Culture), after that we will go to the Garden of Hydrangeas Giants where where we can find handcrafts from Cajamarca, then we will go to “Tres Molinos” and “Fundo Los Alpes” two big farms where you can enjoy dairy products and the cheese factory.

Accommodation in Cajamarca


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Day 5: Cajamarca: PORCON, la Collpa, Baños del Inca

We will start the trip to the Farm PORCON. Visit the Artisan Center Huambocancha Stone Carving, then we will enter Porcón Farm (Cooperative

Atahualpa Jerusalen), where we enjoy the artificial forest of Peru’s largest Pinos, crafts workshops for men and women, and Zoo where you will find various jaguars, pumas, spectacled bears, buffaloes, lions, monkeys, and more…Visit to the Hydroelectric. After lunch, we will visit house of the farm La Collpa, the artificial lake, the Chapel of the Virgen del Carmen, we will see the Central Stable, see how the cows are called by name, and we will taste dairy products. Then we will go to Llacanora ( typical village of the mountain) where we will enjoy beautiful waterfalls and finally we will know the famous Baths of the Inca, the Pozo del Inca and perolitos (hot spring)

Night bus to Lima