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Night bus from Lima to Ayacucho

 DAY 1: Ayacucho: City Tour

Check- in in the hotel

After breakfast, we will begin our City Tour; we will walk around to visit the Plaza de Armas (main square), where we will find the Cathedral and Huamanga university, Folk Art Museum, Santo Domingo convent, La Merced convent and the La Magdalena convent. Then we will visit Santa Teresa monastery, the viewpoint of Acuchimay, the artisan district of Santa Ana and colonial houses like Colonial House of Vivanco, the Colonial House Ochoa Ruiz, among others After lunch, we will continue visiting the city by car, we will visit San Cristobal convent and San Francisco convent. Then we will visit the church of San Juan de Dios, the Church of Santa Clara de Asis among others

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DAY 2: Ayacucho: Wari – Quinua

After breakfast, we will start our tour to the archaeological complex of Wari-capital of the first Andean Empire and first urban city in the Andes, which had developed between VI to XI centuries; we will visit the museum, her, we can see an extraordinary architecture based in cut and carved stone, water channels and underground drainage, the main temple, the Royal Tomb, Cheqowasi, among others.

Then, we will visit Pampa de Ayacucho, a Historical Sanctuary (pampas of Quinua), scene of the battle of Ayacucho and symbol of South American independence , we can go riding on the pampas or visit the waterfall Amaru. To finish the visit, we will go to the craft workshops of skilled artisans, Site Museum and the Capitulation room in the beautiful village of Quinoa.

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Day 3: Ayacucho: Vilcashuamán – Intiwatana

After breakfast, early in the morning, we will begin a bus tour from Ayacucho to the small city of Vilcashuamán, located 120 kilometers in the south. Then we will visit the Temple of the Sun and the Moon, and the Ushno, the Inca altar.

In the afternoon we will make an excursion to Intiwatana, Inca residential center which is located very close to the district Vilcashuamán, in Vischongo district. We will visit the Inca Palace, the Tower, the Inca bath and the lake located near the palace. Return by bus to the city of Ayacucho

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Day 4: Ayacucho- Huanta

In the morning, after breakfast we will go to the province of Huanta; after about 40 minutes walk we will arrive to Piquimachay, where we can find caves, which are a natural rock shelter from volcanic origin, date in the lates Tertiary and early Quaternary time. Also we pass by La Vega and Macachacra.

Then we will visit the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral, the church and convent of Padres Redentores, Museum, Bishop in Stone and honey factory where we can taste pure honey and its products such as broncomiel, Vitapol, pollen, products from carob and typical drinks from fruit.

We will see Rasuhuillka, which is snowy mountain, charming lakes, stone forest and waterfalls. In the afternoon, we will end our tour visiting handicrafts workshops from Ayacucho where you can see skilled men working Huamanga stone, silver and other precious metals as well as painting altars and producing wool carpets, an experience that will let you know more about the popular art from Ayacucho

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