Skills: cities, Nature, programs

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1st DAY: LA MERCED – SAN RAMON (Capital of Coffee in Peru)

06.00 hrs. Arrival in La Merced. Reception and transfer to the hotel.
10:00hrs. we will first visit the District of San Ramon, its Main Plaza, the Albariño Park. Afterwards we will walk for 30 minutes through the woods enjoying the beautiful scenery to get to the waterfall Tyrol, Eco touristic place of Chanchamayo, where we will enjoy a refreshing swim. Then we will visit the Kimiri Bridge. Tourist Lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the Butterfly Garden and Zoo “Zhaveta Yard” where we will appreciate great diversity of butterflies throughout their life cycle, while we will be given a full explanation of the process of metamorphosis of the butterflies. Also you can observe various animals in the region. Visit a Mini Coffee Processing Plant and fruits (tasting and shopping if you would like). To finish, we will visit the Cerro Mirador de la Gran Cruz of Chanchamayo, from here we will see the whole valley of La Merced.


2nd day: PERENE VALLEY – Full day (Capital of the Ashaninka nation)

Departure time 09:45hrs. We will visit the Valley of Perene. By the road we’ll see the Profile of the native asleep, it’s an amazing geological formation. We see the confluence of the rivers Chanchamayo and Paucartambo, from this union the Perene River rise, first navigable river in Central Forest. Continuing the tour will arrive at the Native Community Ashaninka “Pampa Michi” where we will be received and honored by the Ashaninka natives, we will learn their history, enjoy their native music and dance, taste their typical “Masato” drink. Then we will go to the district Puerto de Yurinaki where after a short walk, we will reach the waterfall Bayoz with its many “natural pools” and Velo de la Novia waterfall. Free time to swim and take pictures. Typical lunch of the region, then we will walk to the bridge called “Yurinaki” also; here we will have a boat ride on the Perene River. Returning to the city of La Merced we will visit a mini coffee processing plant to taste the coffee and their derivatives as various products of the region.

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3rd DAY: OXAPAMPA – Full day (geocentric Town in Peru)

Departure time: 08:30hrs. We will drive to Oxapamp, it’s a German colony; in this tour we will enjoy the architecture, nature and adventure. We’ll see the great diversity of flora and fauna, get to the Perene Suspension Bridge, the District of San Luis de Shuaro (land of the tamales), the Paucartambo Bridge (boundary between Junín and Pasco departments). Following the route we observe beautiful landscapes and the viewpoint of Mezapata. Arrival to Oxapampa for a Typical lunch. Afterwards we will Visit Santa Rosa church, typical houses, visit the Artisan factory called”The Wharapo” where the spirit and traditional guarapo is produced based in sugarcane (tasting and shoppingif you would like to) we also will visit the dairy plant “Floralp” here they process dairy products (tasting its products) we also will visit a cave called tunki using our flashlights we will see the formations of stalactites and stalagmites. To feel the adrenaline in your veins you will face the challenge of making an exciting leap (CANOPY), gliding at high speed by a cable that measures 70 meters, designed for adventure. Finally we will visit a cattle ranch where you can see the raising of beef cattle and horses. Afternoon shopping. Return to the city of Merced.


10:30 am departure time.

We go to the town of Kimiri, we cross the hanging bridge called also Kimiri and we start a fun walk about 40 minutes, along a wide trail easily accessible, we will appreciate various crop plantations as Avocados, oranges and other citrus fruits also we find some medicinal plants and we see animals in their natural habitat. Then we enter by a canyon to start a journey full of adventure, we overcome various obstacles showing our skills and adventurous spirit, with the help of ropes, vines and root we will cross small waterfalls, natural slides, rock climb and get to the main downfall . We will enjoy the most of its waters and relaxing massages in water, we will enjoy a powerful jungle mystical atmosphere. Free time to swim and take pictures. Then continue our tour, walking by a path, cloiste surrounded by extensive vegetation. Return to the city of La Merced.

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Departure time 09:00hrs

Departure to the city of coffee in Peru “Villa Rica” During the trip
We will pass through the districts of San Luis de Shuaro, Paucartambo, the department of Pasco and we will visit the district of “Villa Rica” its Main square where it’s located the world’s largest coffee company. Continuing the tour we will arrive at the lagoon “The Oconal”, here we take rowboats to see a variety of birds and hopefully otter, we also will have a ictiotherapy thanks to fish Garra Rufa which is able to suck dead cells and leave our feet more supple skin as this fish clean and regenerate the skin producing an exfoliating action. Then we will see high technology used in coffee farms in the valley, our tour guide will provide explanations of the different stages of growth and production of one of the best coffees in the world. Typical lunch. In the afternoon we will head to the Cascada del León, where after a short walk we will enjoy their natural waterfall pool. To end the tour we will climb to the lookout “La Cumbre” where we can see the whole valley of Villa Rica. Return to the city of La Merced.


- Reception and transfer to selected hotel
- Private transportation
- 05 days of tours according to program
- 05 breakfasts
- 05 Lunch
- Tour Guide specialized in jungle
- Entrance ticket to the tourist attractions
- Canopy .
- Boat tour, (we provide a lifejacket)
- First aid kit
- BusTkts: Lima – Chanchamayo – Lima
- Transfer to the bus terminal.

We suggest to bring:

- 02 pairs of shoes . (01 for the trip and the other for the tours)
- sunglasses and cap
- Light clothes for the tours
- light coat for the trip
- swimwear
- repellent

COST PER PERSON : S / 570.00 soles ( USD 182.00 . )